Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bill Cosby - Grover Henson Feels Forgotten

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  1. Lyrics by: Bill Cosby
    # Debut Chart
    17 May '70 Adult Contemp
    70 May '70 Hot 100

    World, I'm writing you this letter
    And I'm not the kind of guy
    Who likes to complain but this morning
    Private Grover Henson really felt forgotten
    And you couldn't have picked a worse time
    To drop that lonely morning rain

    There's mail call again this morning and
    I just disappeared from the end of the line
    I guess you'd say, I've run out of excuses
    About those lost letters of mine

    Did you know that last year's income tax
    Was the only mail I've gotten, that's right
    And they said I still owed a hundred bucks
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    And Grover Henson feels forgotten

    (Grover Henson feels forgotten)

    So, I wrote myself a letter
    Mmm hmm, are you ready for me
    Yes, I did, and I must have read it
    To just about everyone

    I signed it, your loving mother and
    I addressed it to her favorite son
    But God knows I've never known her
    And I've never known her love

    The only dad I ever had
    Was my father up above
    And, world, Grover Henson feels
    Forgotten in this early morning rain

    World, if my time should come tomorrow
    Could I ask one thing of you
    Would you send me one little letter, world
    If it's not too much to do

    And could you have it
    Read to me by a choir
    I'd hear it wherever I lie

    And Grover Henson
    Wouldn't feel forgotten
    If his time should come to die